Weekend Getaway: Mornington Peninsula

Last week I drove down to Mornington Peninsula with my sister and friend on a spontaneous day trip to explore what Melbourne’s south-east coast had to offer. We departed around noon, after loading up on snacks and bubble tea for the journey, and arrived shortly after 1pm.

Because everything was planned last minute, the ‘plan’ really only consisted of getting from the suburbs to the coast – our main agenda was to enjoy the beach and witness an epic sunset. Luckily, the beach flowed through. The waters were clear and cool against our legs (profoundly refreshing on a 30 degree day), and the little coloured houses along the shore provided an aesthetic backdrop to several hundred photos.

Besides the beach though, you might be wondering if there is anything else worth seeing in Mornington Peninsula. And yes, yes there is. Unfortunately due to time restrictions (most sites close at 4-5pm) we weren’t able to visit all the places we wanted, but I’ll list them down anyway because I’m sure we’ll be heading back soon!

7 Things to See and Do in Mornington Peninsula

 Mornington Peninsula Information Centre: This was our first stop – a good place to start if you haven’t done much research. You can grab some information booklets which have conveniently collated all the surrounding sites and attractions. Also good for a toilet break.

 Eagle Skylift, Arthurs Seat: A relaxing 15 minute cable car ride to the top, during which you can enjoy the beach landscape from a Eagle’s eye view. Student/concession tickets were $21 for a return trip. Nice experience but not something I would pay to do again.

 Enchanted Adventure Garden: Located at the summit of the cable car ride, this is a lovely garden with tree surfing facilities and Australian wildlife chillin around. I regret passing on this garden but we just didn’t have enough time! Fortunately it is accessible without going on Arthurs Seat, so I will be back.

 Sunnyridge Strawberry Farm: Aww yes, the name says it all. We passed on the actual strawberry farming because it was too hot, and indulged on ice cream (Raspberry & Cappuccino) and Devonshire Tea (2 freshly baked scones with their famous jam and cream) instead. Also bought some jam as souvenir.

 Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens: This is the real reason why I want to return. Human size hedge maze and beautiful lavender gardens – who could say no? Also, one of my favourite YouTubers was proposed to in this green labyrinth. Romance peaking.

 Peninsula Hot Springs: Something to enjoy in the colder season, Peninsula Hot Springs is one of two largest hot spring sites in Victoria. They’ve also got massages, outdoor yoga, dining, and more! Many people stay overnight for the full R&R experience.

 Any beach: I saved the best to last – it wouldn’t be a trip to Mornington Peninsula without some water action (or lack thereof). You can swim in the tranquil water, lay out a beach towel and read, or collect iridescent shells to bring home. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have a fine time (*disclaimer: if weather permits).

This little getaway gave me a chance to reflect on time. While I was lounging on the sand I realised how much of my life was wasted with unproductive weekends (mostly spent in bed), so I’m going to make an effort to get out more and lounge in new settings. I hope you take some time to do the same. Even if you have work to do, leave the library/office and try working under nature’s eye. A change of scenery could be what you need.



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